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    Las Vegas Models?

    Hey guys, Just outta curiosity but are there any models living in Las Vegas that post here or that you guys know of on MFC ? I'm headin down there for a week on Thursday for Vacation and thought it would be fun to find a girl or two down there to get together with for some cammage fun :)
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    Unusual MFC/Cam Problem

    Okay, so my laptop is pretty new still, I've had it since June/July this year. For about a month or 2 I've been having this really off problem. It doesn't happen on my desktop, so it must be a laptop issue. Basically what happens if when I'm on MFC late night (between 10 pm - 2 am Eastern time)...
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    Asking a question for a lazy model

    So Monica is wanting to do build to a show on mfc, then take it to a private site that isn't bound by the rules of MFC. Does anybody know a private cam room that requires a password to get into?
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    New to webcam modeling help?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a agency to work with :? there are so many of them. I am looking for suggestions??? Please help, I feel soooo overwhelmed.
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    In the shower, which comes first?

    Just got out of the shower and wondered to myself: Should you wash your feet first or your butt first? Is it better to have feet on your ass or ass on your feet? Do you use one side of the washcloth for feet and the other for your butt?
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    Geekiest Question

    Does all the token collecting ever make you feel like you are an x-rated Super Mario?
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    If you had to choose between...

    If a comic book creator asked to model you as a villain, and you had to choose between being tall and skinny, or short and fat, which villain would you be? If you had to choose between eating a pound of salt or a pound of sugar, which would you take? If you had to choose between a $50 bill and...
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    Am I a cheapass?

    Each room is the model's to do as she pleases, and though I am not a fan of full nudity in free chat, I respect that eachFirst, girl has that freedom. With that being said, if I want to see a girl naked, I would most likely initiate or join a group show or in rare cases go private. I'll admit...
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    Do you speak languages other than English?

    Just wondering.
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    The more you masturbate, the hornier you get...

    Does that work with real sex too? Or does real sex tend to satisfy, instead of leave you craving for more?
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    Alcohol consumption

    I just got home with a 5th of Smirnoff black cherry vodka (to mix with Dr Pepper) and a 12 pack of Sam (Brewer's collection, seasonal 6 different variety pack) and I have a watermelon almost finished drinking a bottle of absolut as I type this. I plan on having it all gone by monday morning...
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    Camming and its effects with jobs?

    Hi, my question mostly goes to the camgirls here :) I know a lot of girls make MFC their full time gig, but how about those that hold onto other jobs or have a different career they plan on pursuing once their camming days are over? I'm curious because I am considering becoming a cam girl, but...