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  1. AubriLee

    How many times are people being ripped off by Myfreecams

    Almost every time I try to use MFC it is ruined through terrible video and sound delays and freezing. How many models and users are being ripped off large amounts of money by this site
  2. AubriLee

    Being streamed Live on Myfreecams

    A regular told me he was sifting through CSH [link removed by admin] and found me streaming on 3 different the same time while I was on MFC ..last night...I am over this ...I don't know what to do...Paying for DMCA did nothing...and it's already a slow and this is ridiculous....I...
  3. AubriLee

    Myfreecams Pixelated and choppy webcam , on High speed internet and brand new Mac book, help!

    Hello! I’ve found this site so helpful since I started camming in Jan ( former stripper ) I’ve been hauling ,mfc with only The occasional glitchy day but for the last ten days my webcam for members has been totally pixelated , choppy and unviewable. I havenot changed anything , I have a new...
  4. AubriLee

    ManyCam vs OBS?

    I'm a newbie streamer on MFC. I started out on MFC at the beginning on February, and so far have had an OK time. When broadcasting, I have only used the Browser-based Model Web Broadcaster on MFC. I have seen lots of other models who have text and graphics on their display stream, and I was...
  5. AubriLee

    How to save text on MFCshare album

    Hello all! I've posted my first album on MFC share. I'm trying to add text at the top. It lets me fill out the box but I can not find anyway to save the text? If I leave the screen the text I typed disappears. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  6. AubriLee

    Payment issues

    Hi I have just recently joined MFC, I am from the U.K. and was hoping to use Epayments as my method of payment. However, I have just realised that Epayments is not supported at the moment so what would you suggest my next best method of payment should be please? I was thinking maybe...
  7. AubriLee

    Recordings on Myfreecams Share

    I just noticed today when I checked my Myfreecams share account that I have 3 recordings saved from when I was doing group/private shows. I just started using CharlesBot and I think I heard from someone on here that it records you while online. Does anyone know anything about CharlesBot...
  8. AubriLee

    Myfreecams Share Video Prices

    HELP! Just made my first video to post on Myfreecams Share (and eventually other clip sites).......I have heard that videos on clip sites are typically priced at $1/min, so does that mean I should convert that to tokens to figure out how much to charge on MFC? My first video ever (!!!) is 11...
  9. AubriLee

    Camscore and Earnings

    so I read that a camscore over 600 means that you're doing well. my camscore is 1103 and I barely make anything. is that normal?
  10. AubriLee

    I need help finding a model I really like

    This one new cam model I really like is gone she hasn’t camed in weeks and her Twitter is gone so I have no way to get ahold of her her cam name is StevieLace if you know where I can find her or get in contact with her id love that
  11. AubriLee

    Manycams and iPad?

    I've been having a lot of trouble broadcasting on my iPad even though I know my internet is not the problem, so I thought I'd try and link up manycams, but the MFC wiki only really gives instructions for OBS
  12. AubriLee

    Model Verification Question on Myfreecams

    Hello models. What verification documents are required by models to be able to broadcast on MFCs? What exactly do they look for? Is it safe to fill out these documents with real information? Do you have to be honest in these documents? What documents do you have to fill out? My girlfriend is...
  13. AubriLee

    Lovense Lush "server error"

    Has anybody gotten a server error when using their lovense lush on MFC? All day today I have been getting the "server error" message in my chrome extension. My phone, toy, app all seem fine. Server error makes me think it might be a problem on their end? Unless I'm missing some easy setting or...
  14. AubriLee

    Video quality on Myfreecams

    I barely visit mfc because (im a user, not broadcaster) and Always having crap video quality and private chat goes slow. After type a whole sentence then it takes mostly some seconds before i get to see what i typed. Is this normal for mfc or do i miss some settings?
  15. AubriLee

    Video/Mic Glitches?

    Hello! I am brand new to MFC and just had my first broadcast on Friday. It went well for the most part aside from some camera focusing issues (I have the logitech c920x) and I also used the windows-based application to broadcast, but found it difficult to use and kept missing comments and tips...
  16. AubriLee

    2 Newbie/Dumb Member Questions

    SO I just bought the small package of 200 tokens on MFC, just so I can try get a better "feel" for MFC and see if I like it. 2 questions I have so far are 1) How do I see the price per minute for a model's private show? ANy other cam site I have had tokens/credits on, I have been able to click...
  17. AubriLee streaming service not working with Myfreecams?

    I was multicasting with and appearing on Myfreecams and CB at the same time. Plans were to get some more RAM installed in my MacBook Pro and stream to a 3rd and eventually 4th site. Well, now whenever I log into Myfreecams, my cam can't be seen. I emailed them so many times over this...
  18. AubriLee

    Myfreecams room empty

    I started Myfreecams10 days ago. I was also broadcasting on F4F and wanted to experience a freemium site, since I really didnt enjoy the cold ambiance on F4F and the rough pvt shows with rude ppl. When I started MFC, I was thrilled by how people were nice and reactive. Though I didnt realize how...
  19. AubriLee

    Selling Videos on Profile

    I'm a newer model on MFC and had a question about selling videos on my profile. I know its a strict rule on MFC that male's CANNOT be on cam at all while steaming (duh). However, i see other models who sell videos of boy/girl action on their profiles. I've really tried to do research on the...
  20. AubriLee

    You can do privates and groups on mobile! Did anyone know?

    I was on mfc with my ipad and I was so annoyed by the webRTC streams cropping into 4:3 when going fullscreen, that I tried to go to the desktop site to see if happened the same (it didn't) When I went to a model's page I noticed that the private and group links weren't grayed out So I...