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  1. bongacams

    Feeling resentful and upset about my Indie camming efforts.

    I'm feeling sort of bummed about my efforts for indie clients. I market myself well and am doing extremely well fiscally, but I'm never able to go on Streamate because of the amount of time these guys take away from me. They ask dumb questions about what I do in my shows, when it's clearly...
  2. bongacams

    Do you guys mind if I ask?

    How much do you normally make on chaturbate /pay period, and how often are you on to earn that?
  3. bongacams

    Chaturbate new direct deposit option

    Ok so has anyone gotten their payment with chaturbates new direct deposit option. Was it on time? I just changed from payoneer to using direct deposit directly to my bank to avoid fees and I'm wondering if you got payment as quick as using payoneer. Thank You.
  4. bongacams

    Dealing with insults

    At one point or another I think it is safe to say the infamous insult seeps into the chat room dispersing poison everywhere. When I first began camming, it bothered me. Not so much anymore. Because I have practiced scenarios before I get on cam, I do believe it has helped me conquer this...
  5. bongacams


    Hey peeps. So I cam mostly at streamate these days. Tried using the encoder to record but it only seems to be able to save in an fv4 file? which ive had no luck opening or viewing. who records their cam shows, how and/or what software do you use?
  6. bongacams

    I hate it when.....(the life of a cam model)

    Feel free to release all your "I hate it when....." rants!! I have sooo many but these are just a few: 1) I hate it when a guy tips me(makes my goal plus more)to do c2c,skype show,etc. then my laptop dies, screen freezes or just a freakin' mishap to have him think "dis chick just took my $ &...
  7. bongacams

    Moving Into A new Place As A Full Time Model

    I'm having to move out of my current living situation and I was wondering if there any of you out there that are full time models as well? If there are, have you ever moved into a new place while doing this job? How did you go about it, what did you say to the landlord/roommates you were moving...
  8. bongacams

    Fake sperm?

    Right, so here a question I never thought I would ask; I was thinking about getting a squirting/ejaculating dildo for those times when such a thing would be good to use, like in videos or whatever. I found a realistic-looking one that would be awesome. However, now I find myself thinking about...
  9. bongacams

    The Little Black Book

    So, I'm attempting to teach myself how to program. I was thinking about making a small CRM type program that lets us keep track of our clients. It would be a small application, minimal interface, that would let you save and organize the following information. Username Name Birthday/Join Date...
  10. bongacams


    that act that because they tipped you once they use that as an excuse for not tipping on new shows. And bring up but I tipped you good last time. I say that was for last time every show counter resets to 0. Also the ones that tipped you good in the beggining when they meet you and then they stop...
  11. bongacams

    Blackmail Scenarios & ELM

    So I just got a request from a verified ELM buyer who wants Me to conduct a blackmail scenario. I do these privately, whereby the buyer first has to send Me an email from their personal account, with the request and a statement of consent re: whatever I need to do to blackmail them - post...
  12. bongacams

    Skype Party?

    I wanted to revisit an idea that our lovely BigBellaNova presented a while back... would anyone be interested in a little Skype party? I live in an area where there are no camgirls and it's would really be awesome for me if a few of us could grab some booze, weed, snacks... the works and sit...
  13. bongacams

    Streamate Referral Commission

    Anyone getting extra commissions from their referrals? I have referred several guys to my site, they signed up, took me to paid chat or cam to cam, been using Streamate with other girls, and I have not received a dime from this. When I contacted support on this, they told me they don't track...
  14. bongacams

    My Skype account is created for shows!

    Most of my skype customers are online in the evening but i keep it turned on all day. What do you do when customers want to chat on skype? I am talking about the ones who pay but talk far too much. Customer:"Hi" .. "How are you?" ... "What are you wearing/doing?" Me: "Do you want a show now"...
  15. bongacams

    want a camming buddy

    Hi, so I would love to meet someone in my area who cams and maybe do some shows together, is anyone in or around the northwest suburbs of Chicago?
  16. bongacams

    Cheats in Livejasmin WTF

    I found this is youtube What happens??? Does the model get the money or they say it was credit card fraud????
  17. bongacams

    How has camming/working in the adult industry, changed you?

    I know we have all changed in positive or negative, maybe both ways, since we have started in this business. I think it's interesting to see how I've changed since I started years ago, but it's interesting to see how it's changed other people as well. Honestly, I feel like it's changed me for...
  18. bongacams

    How does the fat fetish thing work?

    I'm a BBW, so I signed at niche sites as Allbbwcams and justbbwcams, being the second one better... allbbw is dead! But I've got weird requests or guests who start talking about things totally strange to me. I think I don't know enough about fat fetishes... even thou I've been fat most of my...
  19. bongacams

    A New Way Of Camming (for me)

    I just want to share a personal success with you all. I cam on Chaturbate and lately have been feeling very down about the site. Payouts are not timely and the members are NASTY. I think my anger stems mostly from greys but even blues are plain rude and cheap. I have been finding it harder to...
  20. bongacams

    squirting toy cock

    i have a toy cock that squirts! i love it, it really looks like the real thing, but i have a question.. does anyone know what is the best thing to use for it? i have google it, but im finding nothing that would be safe to use in my cooter also. i have tried yogurt with milk, it works ok but i...