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    Streaming issues -

    I have worked with YouKandy support and they were at a loss too. the first time I ever stated the cam I was just checking it. It worked fine. Now every time I try my camera is working but I get a grey screen saying connection error detected working to resolve or something like that. I have tried...
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    Poppy's back and looking for assistance.

    Poppy is back. As you no doubt see from the flurry of topics I've been posting on. I needed to go into inactive status for a while and took a break from Cam work due to the crazyness that is life (Read: Divorce from cheating ex-hubby). I've since moved half way across the country to start over...
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    CamgirlCollective Question about payments

    i read that i can create a free account to sell contents in Camgirlcolletive, i read about the payment and i dint understand everything, i live in italy and i normally accep payment with payoneer or bank transfer. As i read payooner is not on the list of payment so my question is, if i reach...
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    Your cam site might be blocking cam split software

    There is a chance if your using a cam split software that the cam site you are on is blocking it and showing with no video or maybe even lagging video. Cam sites really want you to connect to them directly. I am not sure how it work if you are using Adobe Media Encoder as you have to enter in...
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    What's this? Video archives of chat

    I looked myself up, I'm new to camming and there are videos and pictures of my live chats on, is this normal or should I ask for them to be removed, as others have to pay to access these files, I don't make money from this. Can someone advise...
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    Youtube channel transformed to blog

    Hi all! Some of you probably heard/seen my youtube channel Alice French, gathering interviews of camgirl and all. It seems it's scaring the girls away to be publicly talking about it and all. SO, I've made a blog. The idea is: I will open a topic for each questions you can answer personally...
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    How do you balance cam and content with your life?

    Just curious. I know some of you find it easier to balance cam and making vids, others have little ones (some older ones) that they have to balance everything around, or even other responsibilities. When do you fit in your video making? I have been trying to do mine when my children visit their...
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    Streamate Gold shows.

    Hi lovely ladies Is it just me or do the amounts requested for gold shows seem to have been dropping lately? They are seeming harder to run as a certain means of income as so many are not hitting goal or even coming close. I'm sure that they used to be mostly guaranteed at over 100 gold. Lately...
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    Any camsites that has 60%-85% Share?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find a good site that gives good traffic with a fair share from 60-85%...and also i use only im looking for sites that pays with payoneer.. It would be nice if you already worked on these kind of sites to give deeper reviews , Such as if they pay...
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    What's in your Profile?

    I usually don't spend much time watching other models but today I decided to take a look to see how others respond to visitors and what they add to their profiles since all of us hate timewasters. I personally think it's a great idea to let guys know if you hate wasting your time. On the other...
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    Streamate hacker sending download links to executable files

    Just getting this out there quickly, already reported to SM. thatguy11106 Sent: 2015-04-24 To: dahliafallon SUBJECT: HEY, SOMEBODY RELEASED SOME SHIT ABOUT YOU I wanted to give you a heads up that somebody on a underground forum(not gonna say a name or say which site)uploaded some...
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    Streamate 3 2 1 Camera Live Capture Interval in your Chatroom?

    What's the time interval in your room between the automatic shots Streamate takes? I watched it closely last night and noticed the 3 2 1 countdown appears on my screen EXACTLY every 2 minutes. This seems more frequent than usual (and excessive) so I am curious if everyone's room gets snapped by...
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    CamgirlCollective Question

    I am just getting the hang of this. A few bumps in the road, but all in all I think I'm doing ok. Have already learned a lot and a big thank you to those who have helped. I am familiarizing myself with the features on the admin panel and I clicked on "customers". I was a little overwhelmed when...
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    How do you deal with cheapskates?

    The correct title of this topic probably should have been "Is there such a thing as being too mean in free chat. Do you have 1 or 2 customers that you don't mind hanging out with in free chat? I used to do this but I've found it's really not a good idea because if other cheapskates see you...
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    What is your daily goal?

    My daily goal is always to make $100 minimum (my cut) most times I make more which is great but I find that setting myself a daily goal to reach everyday keeps me motivated to stay online longer if I haven't reached it for the day. Just out of curiosity what do you set your daily goal to be.
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    2+hour skype show!?

    ok.ive been doing this almost a year but still new in my head with the c2c or pvt sessions. Well this guy wants a 2hour "at least"show with me tonight.and yes i know to get money before i skype him and i never answer if they question is WTF am i suppose to do for two hours??!!??LOL. i...
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    Cam Room Setup

    Do you have anything special or unique about your camroom setup (the physical room you work out of)? I used to have a video cable splitter sending my computer screen image to my monitor, as well as to a large scren television mounted on the wall. It was great because I could see what I was doing...
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    Suggestion For ImLive: Models Area

    Since ImLive suspended there services on Philippines. There's a lot of models who still want to work for them from here. They said, they will accept models from Philippines as long as they are located or staying in other countries. My suggestions is... what about they make a models area page...
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    ELM uploading video help

    Ok so I joined ELM and have gotten a ton of custom request..... I have so many in Escrow in process that I completed and uploading a file to send it on the site is impossible lol well for me anyway. Has anyone had this problem? If anyone does custom clips on ELM how do you send them?
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    Wall of shame do you check it?

    I had a gentleman approached me on skype saying he found me on the collective. Turns out he was on the wall of shame as a scammer luckily he wanted to pay me form my Amazon wishlist but all I have is gift cards. When he realized I wasn't an easy target he gave up... luckily I recognized his...