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    Full Time Cam work

    Could you make 100 a day selling coffee door to door? Its a sales job to find out what your income will be, you have to do the sales job for 4hr-5 hr, 4 -5 days a week and give us your numbers.
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    smoking on cam

    I'm not a smoker, but I have had guys ask me to smoke on cam.........Smiley :OSmiley :O
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    Promo Help on Snapchat

    Has your overall income increased after paying for this service?
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    New camsite to call home.

    CB is a freemium site,the simplest way to translate would be you can do a full sex show in free chat. I would guess Bongocams would be the most similar because of the bots. But if youre into the whole community-based aspect, any freemium site.
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    Streaming on Twitch

    Being a cam model will not get you banned, something else got her kicked off the platform, many cammodels are gamers on twitch and we are all still on the platform.
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    "vanilla" shows

    Honestly I'd rather do a boring vanilla show than a complicated one (special outfit, uncomfortable poses and/or accessories...) as long as I am making money I don't care, I watch the tokens pile up Smiley ;) I agree when customers say "just do whatever you like" it's annoying because I have...
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    Findom Sites?

    You do not have to show your face if you do not want to. What would be the purpose of a verification video if you don't show your face? Just have a list of sites where you can be found and watermark your content.
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    Camming when you have flatmates

    Personally I would say to do a few test runs first to see what will work for you and what wont. You can play music and just type it's totally up to you and what you are comfortable with just keep in mind that music in the background sometimes cuts the mic in and out on the viewers end.
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    Urinary infection / storing toys

    OMG! You sound just like me. I just started camming around New Year's Eve, got some fairly good dildos, lube and started working. Bam! Then it happened, what I thought was a UTI because I had the burning and the pink when peeing. I've had UTI/Bladder infections before, so I know the feeling. It...