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    Any site without free chat?

    Hi there, do u know any sites withou free chat? Can u suggest me if u know? Thank u so much!
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    I like streamate for the simple fact

    I like streamate for the simple fact that....even Afer the 65% they take off ..Ive made more money on there then on anyother site ive ever worked on....( And I tried a LOT of sites) and lik eyou said..unlike CB and MFC... You dont have 10 people tipping for 10000 in the room...on SM if you wanna...
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    Are you for the 3min clip feature on your Streamate page taken from your private shows?

    Yes, totally! No thanks! I should get the choice of showing or not a private clip to potential clients!
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    Video clip feature on Streamate

    Today a client said he could watch a clip (3min) from me for 2.99$. I emailed Streamate to find out what this is about. This is the answer I got: "Thank you for contacting us. Here's a little more information about the video clips feature. The video gallery is an automated feature that pulls...
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    ifriends is very slow

    ifriends is VERY slow but I make a couple hundred a week sometimes...pays a couple bills but sure as hell don't pay rent. Good site if you do other things elsewhere and then get the occasional show...I rarely do free chat (sometimes once a week but it isn't worth it most of the time) But...
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    I work on ifriends

    I work on ifriends, and it doesn't get a lot of traffic, but it's the only site I cam on. I can't even imagine having a $3500 week payout there! I have never even made $1000 a week in the 2 years I've been on the site! I do like the site, but wish I made more money from it. I m signed up with...
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    How's the traffic on iFriends?

    so I have a account on iFriends I never use it I am thinking about it how's the traffic on there I really need a new cam site
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    I've never had any problems with Cam4

    I've never had any problems with Cam4, ever! i'm glad things worked out
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    My friend is trying to get her account verified on cam4

    A lady friend of mine is trying to get her account verified on cam4, but it has been over a week ago that she applied. Is that normal, I don't remember it took so long with me ? thx
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    Question about cam4.

    Good evening. I got my payoneer card today, and I applied for it via the cam4 site. I went to select on payoneer to do my payment, and it shows selected. When I went to the payoneer site, it told me that I already have the account set up. However when I went to request the payment via payoneer...
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    If you use the crazyticket app on Chaturbate to do a group show

    If you use the crazyticket app on Chaturbate to do a group show, there is an option to give moderators a free ticket. Seems they have to leave and re-join the room to get the ticket.
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    Chaturbate Mod in Private and video upload problems

    Hi Is it possible to invite a mod into a private show or group show on chaturbate? If so, how do you actually do it, I couldn't see any way? Also, I contacted chaturbate support (but they pasted me the stock info on ideo uploads) who were no assistance on why some of my videos are pixelated...
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    Membership Sites/ Members Area

    Hi all it's me Savanna and I was just wondering who could possibly help me figure out where to find and insert a member's area into my website? I am in desperate need of some friendly guidance.... Thanking you in advance.
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    question about chaturbate

    hey girls and guys how to recognize a clients who actually are having tokens on account? is there a specific color for them or something else? tnx
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    Streamate start my show page just not loading?

    Hey guys, I am having a problem with my streamate page, its been like this for over 24 hours now, no change. We all know streamate support is pretty crap so I was wondering if you guys maybe had some ideas? When I click on start my show the page just doenst load. It is a blank page and nothing...
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    One of my model naggs to put her on modelrevenue , smart ?

    Like I already told you guys I became recruiter in meanwhile . But I'm still modeling myself .Now one of my models want me to put her on modelrevenue , I told her that was a new unknown site which could result in bad earnings . Unfortunately she is convinced that this is a smart step .I have to...
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    i tried out all three sites last nite..mfc..streamate..chaturbate...

    i tried out all three sites last nite..mfc..streamate..chaturbate...i made more on streamate my first nite on there than i did all week on MFC. i have a very low cam score on MFC tho because i left camming for a few months and just got back into it now so yeah some of my regulars told me to...
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    Which are the busiest sites now?

    Which are the busiest sites now? I've heard too many negative things about LiveJasmine so I won't even bother with that one.
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    the best camsites

    After getting some information from different sources I would say the best camsites right now are Streamate, myfreecams and chaturbate ( that's a random order ), it's hard to say what one from those 3 is better coz it's different for everyone
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    Livejasmin 's traffic is great but the troll situation has gotten worse.

    Livejasmin 's traffic is great but the troll situation has gotten worse. I actually find that me being an independent and an American sets me a part from the rest at LJ. People from the U.S. are actually surprised and glad when they find Americans there which is far and few between...and they...