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    Can Anyone recommend a adult photographer in NYC? or on the East Coast

    Resurrecting this old post. I'm looking for a professional photographer on the east coast to take nice photos for my new website. Does anyone know of anyone or a site to find a good one? Thanks.
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    Open about adult entertaining?

    I admire your confidence. It's literally been enough information to persuade a court one way or the other that a mother may be unfit for her kids. I avoid it not out of shame, for safety.
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    What to do when someone tries to lowball me requesting a custom?

    I would send them a message and let them know what they need to select. They should always pay whatever price is set by you. Always stick to your goals sweetie. And if they give you a hard time just remember for every cheap guy out there, that there is always someone who will pay your prices or...
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    Only Verified Members - Our Community

    Camming is physically and emotionally challenging. It's okay not to go on and self care lovely one. Sometimes going on lifts me up..the orher morning I was up and ready to go on..I terms of makeup. But my body said..nope.
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    Coming Out

    Ohhh that’s a tough one. I honestly don’t know what I’d do but maybe wait till you know it’s more serious? Me and my man were already together when I got into the biz and it was tough the first couple of years. We had many many fights about it and he stalked my cam rooms and even got fired from...
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    That awkward moment...

    Well, this proves why your choice was the best. I hope you feel relieved for not dating that guy!
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    Best Camera/Camcorder for Custom Videos

    I use my Logitech 920 webcam, it shoots in HD, looks great, and super easy to use. The one thing I don't like is that you can hear a faint clicking when it focuses. I also have a Sony HD camcorder that works very well.
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    I tried Streamray when I first started out. The site itself is really slow, if you click to go to someone's profile, it takes an eternity for the damn site to load.. Granted, I haven't been online there since last fall, so hopefully they've taken cared of it now. I didn't stay very long on the...
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    Seeking former model friends and quitting camming

    oh I get what you are saying.. I use to coach basketball so yea I notice I use those skills when dealing with people in general that need direction from me lol....
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    Seeking former model friends and quitting camming

    Over the years I've struggled thinking I needed a job to be considered successful. Now I am full-time self employed with online businesses that don't need me to be present all the time and I went back to camming. plus adding in investing. Once you know which direction you really want to take...
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    Any coaches out there?

    I am not really understanding your questions. What exactly are you looking for ?
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    Telling family about camming?

    The only family that really knows and understands are my brothers. My baby brother passed away earlier this year. I knw he didn't particularly like it, but we often talked about where I wanted to go with it, books and such like that and he was cool. My older brother is pretty much the same way...