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    What is the purpose of kicking basic members?

    One of my friends that cam said she kicks any basic members out of her room. She constantly monitors while chatting and immediately kicks them. She has the option turned on to mute all basics so they cant chat anyway. I tried to tell her, that the users can just create a new account and hop back...
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    Do you charge for privates?

    I'm semi new and get asked a lot how much I charge for privates. I currently don't but I understand that if i keep growing I might have to to make it worth while. I'm wondering if any of you charge, and if so, how much and why or why not?
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    help with making my profile- CSS/HTML?

    Ive been toying around with it the past few days and have been trying to find a free layout/template to use while I figure out the coding and suchgn to MAKE my own. Years ago I used to do alot of html s tuff when myspace and neopets were big. I actually learned on Neopets when I was like ten...
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    Broadcast Words and Graphics

    I've been camming on MFC for a couple months and am trying to take advantage of more of the cool tech available.. A lot of girls have little graphics or words on their streams (HT, camscore, rank, promotions, goals, upcoming events, cute little graphics, etc). For the life of me I can't figure...
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    Geo Blocking... I wish Myfreecams would allow more narrowed blocks

    I Wish MFC (and many other sites) would beef up their Geo blocking like ModelCentro... Not only by state or country but they allow a more narrow focused block like cities. So If someone has family or lives in X city of Colorado or Florida or California they can block all the cities around the...
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    Myfreecams's DMCA service doesn't work

    I'm pretty stressed about this and wondering if anyone else has had this issue. MFC offers free DMCA removal through RemoveYourContent. Once you submit your first complaint, the service supposedly begins monitoring the web for your content regularly so you don't have to. I submitted a list of...
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    I Can't Login To Myfreecams, Someone Else Happens?

    Hello to all, since yesterday and tried to enter to mfc and not able to do so, do not respond my emails don't know what to do, someone know a mfc administrator that can help me, income, and said that my nick and password are incorrect, which is not true, try to change my password and says...
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    Poll as Tip Menu

    I’m new to MFC and it seems like most models make a poll on their Share page for their tip menu? I did that but then members were saying they could only vote once and I can’t find an option anywhere to change that
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    Payment not sent?

    It's waaay past the time when MFC sends out the payment for this pay period - but my "Amount earned since last paid" is still standing untouched (even had tokens added to it because someone offline tipped me). This has never happened to me before, they would sometimes be "late" with sending it...
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    new model tip menu

    i cant post to the model thread yet (as i dont have sufficient privileges. i'm too new haha), but i have cammed a few times now. i'm seriously having more fun than i thought i would. i started to make a tip menu, as i was broadcasting, but kind of unsure on my pricing and wanted a models...
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    how to set profile pic on Myfreecams share?

    hey yall. baby camgirl here (and i do mean baby because today is my first day). i'm very aware that this might be a really dumb question, but how the hell do i set my profile picture on MFC share? there's literally no option to do it under settings, it's just blank. i'm stumped. help.
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    "Rank Months"

    So. I'm new. Like really new. But I feel my earnings and the regular base of friends I've built on mfc is very promising. I want to try to get into the top 1000 and keep working my way up from there... is a good way to do this to ignore camscore and just go all out for the month of June camming...
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    'Highest room count' when I didn't log on?

    Anyone ever looked @ your social stats and realized had a 'Highest room count" during a day that you never logged on?
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    weird viewers bug

    so, some premium members will get "stuck" in my viewers list. I was messaging a guy, telling him i'd kick him if he remained afk... and he said he wasn't in my room. Then he wondered why he was getting banned from rooms he had only visited for five seconds for "freeloading". So there must be a...
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    Profile/Canva Site Embed Help!

    I'm gonna start my first ever cam session in <1 hour (if I can get my makeup done in time, lol). I just have one problem: I made this super-cute profile using, and I used their website template. When you're done, they give you a nifty little html embed link to paste into your target...
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    where do i find my broadcaster ID?

    Im trying to set up an offline tip link, but i cant seem to figure it out where i find my broadcaster id. also, can this link be shared to a friend who is trying to tip me? although my state is geoblocked from viewing my room? my next resort was going to be to send them to my mfc share and dump...
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    I need a little computer help! (OBS)

    This is my series of unfortunate oofs. Last month I moved to a new flat, and the internet here is very slow. I can run the web broadcaster alright, but OBS lags so much I can't use it anymore. ...So I bought a portable wifi router and data plan, and my internet in general is better! But when I...
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    High camscore platinum model trying to skype scam me

    Is it possible to report models? I apologize if this has been posted before, used the search feature with no luck. They tried to make it look like I'd been "approved by Head Admin", as if "the head admin" was personally choosing me for something in chat and asked for my skype. Super super weird...
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    Myfreecams Club Show?

    Just saw this today, that a model was in a "Club Show" on MFC. It appears to be something different than a group, in that if you click on the "groups" in the menu it won't show up there. But, in the chat room, "Join Club Show" replaces the "Join Group" link under the model window. I haven't...
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    stalker issue on Myfreecams.

    I have a group of people that watch me on mfc and then make me "the talk of the town". I won't go into detail about the harassment but its gotten where now its starting to ruin my personal life. I love camming. I do not plan on stopping and I'm trying to not leave mfc because I just personally...