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    I'm super frustrated with clip sites. I'm on ManyVids, Clips4Sale, and iWantClips. You'd think I'd be making a decent passive income, right? Nope. Not even a bit. I haven't even made enough to cash out on ManyVids, and I've never made a cent on Clips4Sale or WantClips, despite being on those...
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    Chaturbate micsim030690

    hello this is my profile chaturbate: Watch Micsim030690 live on Chaturbate! i want know opinions / reviews on chaturbate? because I would like to put you back on chaturbate since I can no longer on cam4 !!! is not as good as years ago? when I was there it was very good in 2016/2017 for 2...
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    Please recommend me site with CosmoPayment

    Hi, my friend is Chaturbate based model and she is a girl, and I'm looking for her for some second site that is good and payout is send on CosmoPayment, can anyone help me/her? Thank You.
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    Best Corona Client Stories

    I thought this would be kinda fun. Obviously, share but BE VAGUE ENOUGH SO THE IDENTITY OF THE CLIENT IS PRESERVED. This isn't a funny story to share, but this is my favorite client so far. A woman asked me to give her a hug. That's it. First I hugged a pillow like it was her and then I put the...
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    Best Low Budget Laptop For Camming

    Hey there, Does anyone have any insight on what would be the best option for a laptop that is low budget yet reliable? I am considering a chromebook, but I wanted to know if any of you had any insight or experience with any products you would recommend. I fell into the MaCBook trap many years...
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    Adultwork Specials aaaggrrrrhhh!

    Does anyone here offer Directcam specials at AdultWork? Those where you offer a fixed length show but at a reduced cost to the punter gets a cheaper rate and the model then gets a guaranteed length of show. Is it just me or is this bloody feature flawed? Fixed length shows could be useful for me...
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    Traffic for StripChat

    Hey everyone, is there any "real" alternative to Diva Traffic or something similar for Stripchat? I have tried Diva Traffic and yes I get much more visitors but they are all grey and thats not what I need - I need people that are willed to pay and sign up. Is there any traffic advertising...
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    Opportunity work team and share home

    Hi girls! I’m working on cam since almost 2 years now. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in working with me after the lockdown. As I have a very big house with 3 bedrooms, and I experienced that sharing the house with people not in this job it’s not the best. Also we can consider doing...
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    Any mums on here? Need advice!!

    So my son is 10 years old and obviously has no clue what I do. I cam often and I'm also on a pornsite. I would love to be able to maximise my earnings by uploading more movies onto the porn site however, I don't know if I should, is it my responsibility to stay as anonymous as I can or not let...
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    Learning how to cope with Mental Illness and Anxiety while self-isolating.

    I'm struggling lately with OCD symptoms again for the past week. Anxiety is also through the roof as well sharing a space 24/7 with family a member who suffers with Bipolar type I & struggling with sobriety. I have no idea how I can help, and I want to so badly. I'm looking for resources or...
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    Newbie Feeling Discouraged!

    Hi all! I’ve been at camming for a couple weeks and am still getting a feel for it. I’m enjoying myself and have a few regulars and (what seems to me) a decent amount of followers on the two sites I’ve been exploring (mfc and Chaturbate.) However, the first week I worked, knowing almost...
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    Voyeur / Lifestream?

    I am thinking about coming back on as a side hustle since work and school are slowing down. I started thinking of doing Voyeur since I work from home and go to school online. I mostly ever used CS and mfc, and I noticed on Camsoda they do have a Voyeur section. Can you just start streaming that...
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    Start a conversation

    I noticed that many cam girls talk a lot during streaming and I asked myself: how do you start once the live broadcast has started? Do you speak immediately or wait for some people to come in? What are the arguments you use to break the ice? Do you happen to be asked some things and don't...