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  1. bosco

    Where do you store all your videos?

    External hard drive.
  2. bosco

    Active camboys

    hello, and the part time you do on Cam4, do you have good earnings? your account and premium " golden" I also work on Cam4 only 2h and a half. my account and free haven't upgraded to premium yet? if i upgrade to premium will i have more tokens? and sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. bosco

    Streamate dont check contest rules

    The top 500 are in their place ranking because they are making a certain amount of money. I doubt Streamate will do something about them wearing costumes or not. It personally doesn't bother me although I will be wearing costumes.
  4. bosco

    Slow weeks on Stripchat

    If it gets real slow, or almost nothing, I suggest you check your stream, from another device. I have had times, that i was actually working alone, alone.......or my picture was freezing.or not getting out....
  5. bosco

    ASMR sex work

    I noticed this a few years ago. Streamate even has an ASMR option in their tip menus now. There are some girls that are getting kicked off of YouTube and Twitch for doing that though.
  6. bosco

    Enticelive issues with payment?

    Hey guys I just recently got an account here with sexcamtalk because I've been looking everywhere for advice on my issue with entice. I haven't been paid since june 25th and am owed close to $1,000 .....this had been going on for 1st I wouldn't notice until I checked every couple...
  7. bosco

    Webstream - cam through your own website - payment via paypal?

    I know this is quite an old post but we've just signed up after finding sexcamtalk through Twitter. You are correct, we used to use PayPal to pay performers. At the time we spoke in length to PayPal's EUAUP department (risk management) and were told at the time they did not see a problem. In...
  8. bosco

    html backgrounds

    Are you referring to html backgrounds for websites in general or for Sexcamtalk? Most people just use templates, which are customizable, so you can create your own background or use the one they give you. Be careful though if using one from the internet as many artworks are copyrighted. Are you...
  9. bosco

    manyvids payment

    they always pay once u reach ur minimum,. depending on ur choose method cosmo or paxum
  10. bosco

    young camboy looking for some advices !

    If that is the actual case then it sounds like most of your audience or viewers are from your country? Remove the block and maybe get them back? lol Here are some better suggestions - Maybe try camming a different schedule. Times that will allow new viewers perhaps from another time zone. Play...
  11. bosco

    New status on myfreecams

    Hi ladies, how long last the new status on MyFreeCams, im on Chaturbate and it doesn´t work for me there, so i want to try this site. lg eva
  12. bosco

    Interactive Toys on Streamate

    Hello! It's been a while since I hopped on cam so I probably missed a lot of changes and updates. Can someone tell me all interactive toys that works on Streamate? And if they really do make a difference when camming? Thanks
  13. bosco

    Do you pay Taxes?

    oookkk, silence is clear :D Nobody wants to talk about this taboo..thanks (K)
  14. bosco

    Goddess Tribute - GOLD MENU on SM

    Hello, I'm on SM and I wanted to try some of the new options of the gold menu. There is one which is TRIBUTE. I'm not sure what is and what a model should do with that option (any action??) It seems interesting but I'm not sure what I should do if I receive a tip for Tribute. Would you have an...
  15. bosco

    PornHub war on porn

    NEW YORK — Pornhub has released two statements about yesterday’s announcement by Visa and Mastercard that their cards would no longer be accepted on the platform, following an editorial by Nicholas Kristof published by the New York Times, which makes a number of allegations against the company...
  16. bosco

    Transition from one site to another experience/advice/feedback

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and making it through these sometimes difficult and changing times! I myself have been going through some changes and I am curious to get some specific feedback on a certain topic. So if anyone would be so kind as to help my curiosity and take a little...
  17. bosco

    Onlyfans under attack

    Just a little warning to all having money @ Onlyfans to get that asap on their bankaccount .. AND some nice numbers to see how well our business is .. Banks Flagged OnlyFans Owner and His Businesses for Potential Money Laundering, Underage Activity
  18. bosco

    abusive member

    Hello everyone, I need your advice about abusive customer on SM. I work on Streamate and I've just had a live show with a motherf**ker who paid for a premium show and with bossy manners asked me things phisically impossible to perform. (at least...impossible for me) He asked me to slap fast...
  19. bosco

    Club daily pay

    Hi ladies Sometimes on sites there's a long wait for paydays just wanna give you heads up (UK don't know about elsewhere)they've been great with me they pay before lunch the following day can use on Chaturbate stream mate and adult work Nd iif you have any issues or questions respond within...
  20. bosco


    Any girls on camcontacts? what are the payment methods? how is it?