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    Chaturbate Promote button

    I have tried it 3 times (almost a yr ago now, was slow cause Dutch CB servers were fucked up and lagging very often so didnt keep my room going, gladly solved now), but only seemed to bring in grays or light blues and people with no accounts, think using hashtags right and room titles works...
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    the first time camming

    so bit of back story, weve been togather for almost 20 years on and off, married for 10, never really talked about sex, or explored alot, ive always tried to get her to but she never would, well started talking about getting on cam and she started to open up with me, since then shes a whole...
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    Gain Followers

    How to Gain Followers that come back!
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    Edging women

    I’d love to edge more women. I provide audio that accurately describes my sexy erotic climaxes. Do you want me to bring you to your edges? I’d love to bring you over that edge, discreetly, passionately, and always with a friendly, sexy voice. Ladies, I’ll describe just exactly how much I’m...
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    How do I get more fans?

    So 2yrs ago me and my ex-fiance started a chatterbate account we posed as step brothers and with in the first night had over 1000 followers , the people were so into our story line it was like reality TV or something. Called step brothers gone lovers. But since then we have split up and no...
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    Help me out everyone

    Anyone got tips on how to increase fan base and how to promote?
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    to learn how to better myself

    I guess what brought me here is to learn how to cam.
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    Unexpected surprise

    When I first discovered camming with my boyfriend I was intrigued. When I first started camming I had no idea what it would be like but after trying it I actually really enjoyed camming and connecting with my viewers.
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    new to caming

    so I am 43 year old streamates web came, I hate it some days because of all the pervs out there. I hate that we only make 34 cents on a dollar too all my time and money goes into toys and computers and webcams and outfits!! MY QUESTIN WHEN IS IT GONNA EVER PAY OFF YET?
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    Gaining fans and keeping them

    How do I not show nerves. How do I become a good cammer
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    Looking for new camsites

    Hi everyone, I'm streaming on chaturbate and stripchat.. but lately it is very quiet on those sites. Are there other sites that have a good payrate and doing better right now?
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    I’ve been having fantasies about doing camming.
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    Lovense Remote App

    How many people can I add to my LongDistance App per session?
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    Az Fun Times

    I love being watched as i play. I am single so.sadly.i.p!ay alone, would love someone to play with. Ive tried camming.but its hard doing it.all by yourself. I lime almost all things Kinky & Wild!, outdoors is awesome when possible!
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    wonder what this is

    Hey whats going on everyone Sascha and Wiggs here ,were a married couple that has been together going on 14 years now. new to this camming but love putting on a show. we are hoping to meet other couples and singles that are fun to be around and learn more about camming.we would love to meet a...
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    Help is appreciated

    How to get started and what I need to start making content? I’m new to this but love being open
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    HELP! I need help getting started

    Im new to the cam model thing and would like to know the in and outs and what would make it easier to understand and build a fan base. I was a dancer and call girl for long time so i understand most of it just this part is new to me
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    This is what brought me here

    I came here to learn, find inspiration and try to be a better streamer
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    Promote button

    I use it sometimes, but 9 of the 10 times it doesn’t a lot tbh.
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    New member

    Welcome, tip menu's are def a great way to have more fun on CB, they can even be silly things like juggle or things like show appreciation, fap tax etc., if you don't want to cash out you can always decide to tip it to someone you like. I personally also love using goals!