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    Happy but Tired

    Happy theres a place to read up on all this industry information and learn more.
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    does not work

    why lovense turns off or disconnects all the time.. even though it's new
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    the first time i did a camshow

    The first time i cammed i was so nervous and i just used my phone to login and got in the shower and did my thing but i did realize how muh fun it was until i kept doing now its been 2 weeks and i love it.
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    Camming Life

    First I wanna say that I didn't know about camming career. Then suddenly I met with a website advertisement while I watch porn videos. Just I searched for it and I found Stripchat. I was a college girl studies Electrical Engineering , need to make big money for course fees. So I got a risk from...
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    Wish loiterers would tip

    I wish there was an option just to tip a couple tokens to join a room. There are so many people who just hang out and watch while others bear the load of tipping.
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    So much fun as a cam model

    So much fun as a cam model
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    Lovense Toys

    I started with lovense as an eVibe. Meanwhile it grows so much and is building a community.
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    I wanna know everything!

    At the moment, I need help in everything. I do want to take one step at the time, but there is so much information out here! I would really love to be ready for my first show.
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    Lovense Gaming Question

    Are there any Gamers streaming Wildlife or Treasure Nadia? Which do you Prefer and which toys do you use to engage with your audience and the game with? I am tempted to set it up how I set my LOL games but all and any gaming suggestions are welcomed! Also, is there a best practice to promote...
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    big tip for me

    someone was nice enough to tip me 500 tks
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    Something I wish I knew before I started my camming career

    I wish I had a better understanding of the fact that its my room so its my rules. Well besides the websites rules, obviously, lol. But the fact that if someone is rude or just giving me the creeps or whatever that there are plenty of people out there so you dont have to be worried about kicking...
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    Why I'm here

    What brought me to this community was that I've met some lovely people in the camming space. I've just came across this site and it would be great to meet more people in this space :)
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    my first time as a cam model

    The first time I came to broadcast was the same day I did the interview in the studio and the first pvt I had was an hour and a half of spanking, the user told me to put the porn that I like the most (I don't watch porn) as I didn't know what to put, I put the first thing I found, I had bruises...
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    wanting to get more help and tip to becoming a better cam model

    i have been seeking help since iv started cam modeling i know there is always room to grow and meet new people, im open to have somwonw anyone help me i and look forward to helping cam models what i already know
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    My first camming session

    Phew! Here goes lol ok when i first started camming , i had a session with an indian guy, and i was soo shy, so i went on, nervous asf but im smiling cz you know its my first time and it felt super fun but akward so anyway he tells me right finger your ass n i faked it cz like my asshole was...
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    getting my toy to work!

    I have the toy connected to the app, the app was scanned to the extension settings, I have set my settings and it still wont work! what am I missing??
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    HELP! I need help getting started

    I think the most important step is getting your tech and services established in the room you will be using. Then Branding, then Social Media and in-app engagement once you choose the apps that fit your brand. Good luck!
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    New to this...

    like just be you , be fun and energetic yes they do love when you dance too. dont lose your fun side. give off good vibes talk n smile
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    Celebrate my birthday on cam

    I did celebrate my birthday on cam, had a big jar with little surpise gifts for them (cards with surprise written on them), it was 100 tokens I think, not sure anymore was in Feb. but was was super populair, my best earned solo show (not counting to much that I gave things away that normally are...
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    Gain Followers

    Hi there! Just be yourself, have a regular schedule and have fun! If they like you and enjoy your company, they will be back for sure. At least that’s what it worked for me. I didn’t stressed too much about it. Was just somthing natural.