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    Cam4 issues

    Has anybody had issues CAM4 site? Issues like not being able to logon to your account, forgot password link not working, or lack of customer service not reply to help requests. I wonder if I am wasting my time trying to be part of this site.
  2. J

    contest which was conducted earlier

    Please pay attention to the contest that was held earlier. I am outraged, the user who wrote the review won, not the story - I was supported by 23 people - I think there is justice here. It's just not fair - a contest for a colorful bright story
  3. J

    Schedule and twitter

    I keep to a constant schedule and post every day on twitter
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    my Personallity is very important. my fans love this
  5. J

    Needing help most of coming back to myself.

    Was in tune with my body and believing I was the sexiest thing on the planet and now I’ve lost the spark I used to have. Hopefully doing this will help me remember that I am a sexy bitch no matter what size I am.
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    Tiktok brought me here

    I was watching a tiktok from Love88 and she mentioned a large community was interested in belly play. I would love to put my feet in that water haha