Clingy clients?


Jr. Member
Hey there,
I've recently acquired a good sized whale. The issue is, he is constantly clingy and always wants to be texting, every minute of the day. If I don't respond, he send me something on mfcmail, or snapchat, etc. He takes up a lot of my time, but at the same time I am not complaining, because I am grateful for the money especially during this time.

My question for you all is, do you have clingy customers? How do you deal with them? I am finding it difficult to find time to recharge, when I am expected to be replying constantly even off cam. Has anyone experienced a whale being like this? Is this typical whale behavior? I have had a few, and they can definitely be demanding, but never this 24/7 clingy.
I guess my real concern is since he is talking to me so much and always asking me information, I don't want to give any opportunity for him to find out any of my personal information. I think that is what concerns me most.


Jr. Member
Is it worth your safety is the question I would be asking. It is really important to set boundaries and have an agreement before taking money- no matter how little or how much. When you are at work- you are at work, when you are not at work, you should be unavailable. Try to set boundaries gently and firmly, and if he doesnt like it, it's his loss not yours.