I unknowingly joined Streamate through a studio


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I unknowingly joined Streamate through a studio (Vivid, not bad, but not worth it!) so I only get 25%. When I began, I had a near-dead laptop, a 3 megapixel HD webcam, no lighting and a very bad internet connection. I was making at least minimum wage not long after I began logging on consistently. Since then I've upgraded to an i7 processor, began using the encoder, gotten some nice lights and raised my rates. I have been off cam for quite a while due to school, but have managed to come back making more than I would at a vanilla job, and I expect that it will grow. I've had very few issues with the encoder, and they were always resolved by reconnecting.

Personally, I love privates and exculsives, because I like the connection and being able to personalize a show. I aim to please and haul em in Smiley :p I've noticed that a lot of you are very eager to get Gold shows enabled - maybe you ladies will have the magic in you, but I have to say, they're not all they're cracked up to be. Guys expect to be chipping in less than $1/minute most of the time, and want videos and pictures in exchange, bark orders and want their names moaned.

Streamate also has TV shows now - they're Gold shows that are also broadcast on a pornographic TV network. If the producer offers you a TV show, the goal, minimum buy-in and duration of both the countdown and the show will be determined for you, and you either take it or leave it. If you don't make the goal yourself, the producers will chip in and make up the difference, so you are guaranteed the goal. However, because you are on TV, there are all kinds of viewers that you don't know about, and who don't pay - they subscribe to the TV service, but don't pitch in to the show. Broadcasting rules also mean that you can't play copyrighted music, have any visible logos on cam, etc. These are the same rules that apply to Streamate advertising, so any footage from TV shows is also great stuff for them to put on tube sites or use as ads. The obvious bonuses are that you're guaranteed your goal, and you get wicked exposure! You can tell TV viewers to sign up through your cammodels page and make a little extra off of them Smiley :D Last night, I checked out some of the countdowns for TV Gold shows and watched top girls with goals of $150-$250 end a 15 minute countdown with $30 pitched in. Since they were on TV, the producers filled in the rest and the model still got paid 35% of the goal, but that should give you an idea of how unpleasant Gold shows can be. Some girls bank on them, but most just get beggars barking orders and guys complaining that $10 for 10 minutes is way too much. I saw a girl celebrating having 17 people in her gold show. Brace yourselves lol.