If the girls move to fansly what does that mean for all of us?


Amoranth recently tweeted an indicator that she may be moving to fansly and helping others do the same. She's pretty savvy and if she feels this way I could see OF->fansly being the next patreon->OF.

What does that mean for us?

I've never used fansly. Does it operate the same as onlyfans? Is it easier/harder to batch download pics and videos? Are there features there that will make it a crappier or more expensive deal for paying users?

Anyone know much about fansly?


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Someone in the other thread says the structure is pretty similar as far as no previews before subscribing and ppv. Also doesn't seem like there is a ppv limit. Don't have any clue about batch downloads though. I would assume it would be extremely similar.
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