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    Full Time Cam work

    Hi everyone , I have dabbled with cam work but really want to go full time now on Streamate , I will be returning to UK shortly and really need to earn around 100 pounds a day and work 4-5 days a week and be on cam say around 4-5 hours a day , is this possible ? are any of you girls doing a...
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    smoking on cam

    Hi if you are a smoker do you smoke on cam or does this put guys off ?
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    Setting up Premium Snapchat

    Hi Girls, OK I'm looking at setting up a paid for snapchat but all attempts to find out how to do this step by step have been fruitless. I have seen one girl charging $30 for a guide on how to set it up but was wondering if any of you would like to run it through with me. We can do it via...
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    Promo Help on Snapchat

    I am kind of a dinosaur about some of the things you all use to promote yourselves, so when I started my premium Snapchat, I was really struggling to promote it. I tried Reddit with a little success. But via Reddit, I did meet a young man who helped me with promotion on Twitter and Instagram. He...
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    New camsite to call home.

    Hey all I can no longer stream on CB unfortunately.. so I'm looking for a new site to call home. Havent really tried any besides CB. Which sites are the most similar to CB? From what I read there are different types? Seen someone mention premium and freemium? Can anyone clarify? I enjoyed the...
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    Streaming on Twitch

    Hey fellow vidya gals, has anyone of you tried legit game streaming on twitch as a side job? Have you shared your twitch account and vice versa? How does that work out for you? Are guys posting explicit stuff/ questions to your twitch chat and exposing you? How do you handle that? I really...
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    "vanilla" shows

    Hey Girls! I was wondering... Have I been at this for too long now and just don't have the patience anymore.. ? or do you experience the same thing ? I am talking about the vanilla shows here. Those that come in and just ask you to "strip and play" .. no indication of how it's going .. if they...
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    Findom Sites?

    Hey Everyone, I've realized that I have a big kink for being a brat and being a Dom, I really want to be a FinDom. I don't currently cam anymore and don't plan to in the future(Privates are okay though). I want to be strictly online as well. I've seen a lot of videos and articles saying to set...
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    Camming when you have flatmates

    Hi everyone! I’ve been doing tons of research and i think I’m ready to join Chaturbate soon! I’ve figured out a basic tip menu and some bots I’d like to use. However, I don’t live alone and it’s a small flat. I don’t want anyone to hear me camming, do I play music or do I just type instead of...
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    Urinary infection / storing toys

    Hey all, So this very early morning I got up to pee and damn it hurt, so I realized I had a urinary infection or uti, I havent had one in around 8 years since I was pregnant. I did some research and I'm thinking it might of been cause with my toys, even though I clean them pretty well. I know we...
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    Unusual MFC/Cam Problem

    I've encountered this problem before, and also having my audio speed up until i sound like a "chipmunk" lol. I've noticed that if I turn on my logitech 9000 before logging into MFC, and then turn it off before accessing the model software I almost never have a problem. For some reason turning...
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    Asking a question for a lazy model

    Why not just use yahoo or skype? :think: She controls who can see her that way, no?
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    New to webcam modeling help?

    If you're looking to do MFC (the best place for cam work fo sho) then most girls do best without an agency from what I've heard and seen.
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    In the shower, which comes first?

    Top to bottom WHEN I get to shower. No I have to use a bath which most of the time generally just sucks.
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    Geekiest Question

    Actually, i think the "token noise" sounds more like the character confirmation noise in Street Fighter II: The World Warriors. Every time I hear it, I hear "Japaaaannnnnnnn" in my mind.