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    New to cam but invested

    I couldn't figure out how to add a photo to this post so feel free to check my profile of all my current invested equipment that I discuss below. I have an i5 intel desktop set up with a Logitech webcam then I have my Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR camera with new equipment for lighting and placement...
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    Newbie Wonders How To Best Identify Marketable Assets

    What is says on the tin, y'all. I'm new to the cam community, though I have previously sold content on OF. I was never very successful at selling content, namely because I don't know how to market myself, and still don't. I'm looking for any help with strategies or ideas that will help newbies...
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    Payment method

    What is the best method to get paid by Chaturbate? I'm in Europe and I don't earn much at the moment so I don't want to lose everything in commissions ... I have read several negative reviews on Paxum, which I understand is the cheapest method. Do you have any advice?
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    Anyone from Cyprus on Myfreecams?

    Hi there! I'm looking for a girl from cyprus who works on MyFreeCams. I would like to make some shows together for the promotion if possible ^^ just write me: @faptax on telegram or mail [email protected]
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    Act or Ask first?

    Ladies and gents: question that I have been struggling with for months. When someone takes you private, what do you do first? Do you wait for them to take the lead, or do you take the lead? Do you ... What do you do? I thought it was best to wait for them to say what they like and want to...
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    Sales during the Corona crisis

    How is it with you Do you currently earn more on cam? Has it become more or less?
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    have u ever tried mac mini or imac for cam show ?

    they r good enough for cam show?
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    CORONAVIRUS work surge - seeking female cam partner in SoCal

    Hi all Longtime performer here. Coronavirus just stole all mainstream work for the next 2+ months (really we don't know how many). Looking to get back on cam (possibly clips too), but with a partner or two for maximum income potential at a time when other work is drying up and bills will start...
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    FaceCast - an app for girls to make money

    I am on facecast like 1 month and i can say that the pay is good.I made like $500 in 3 days and they pay via Paypal. They have wechat group for the broadcasters and u can add the admins too so they can help u if u have any issues. The app is chinese i think but they have office in LA. Some girls...
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    Vector by we-vibe

    I cannot get my new we-vibe Vector to connect to Feel Connect app. Can anyone weigh in on this? Thanks!
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    Amazon wishlist mess

    Hello! So someone wanted to get me something off my amazon wishlist and wanted it to be a surprise so i saw something online about amazon lockers and tried that in a different town. Well i think i messed up and it was sent to the business the locker is located at instead. I went down to pick it...
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    How Much Did a Lush Increase Your Token Profits?

    How much did getting a lush/incorporating it or any other tip automated toys increase your profits? I'm curious about getting one because a friend told me she had heard (he said she said (lol) ) that girls make like 3x the amount once they start using a lush. Is this true or is it overhyped...
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    Myfreecams Social #4? Anyone been before?

    Hi there, I cam on mfc, and I keep seeing an advertisement for a models only social called mfc Social, has anyone been to one of these before? I was wondering if anyone had any experience there/ whether its worth the trip
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    Tittygram Model?

    Anyone is a boob model on Tittygram? Taking selfies with a message on your badonkas.
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    Models in California who work on Streamate-the new law

    Hi! Are there any other models here who live in California that work on Streamate? Did you get that letter from them in your inbox? It says CA has changed some aspects of employment law and we have to be employed through a company rather than be considered contractors. I'm planning on doing it...