Chaturbate promotion software

Hello models and agencies!

We develop private software to promote models to the TOP of Chaturbate.
The room is promoted with the help of a large number of registered member accounts, not bot viewers, but real user accounts. The software emulates the behavior of live users. Due to the large number of viewers, the model’s room gets on the first pages, which is facilitated by additional factors that the development participants will be aware of.
We invite models and owners to join the development and receive unique software for promoting profiles on chaturbate at the click of a button.
What you get: a ready-made unique solution with updates and support, the opportunity to purchase the product at a price lower than its final cost. The ability to promote profiles on chaturbate at the click of a button.
While testing there will be subject to the addition of desired features from participants. The software WILL NOT be sold in the public domain!
The cost of participation in the development is $300 one-time = lifetime license for the software.

HOW SOFTWARE WORKS Opera - Chat with Saya_Candy in a Live Adult Video Chat Room Now - Opera - 16 December 2023


Telegram Taras

WhatsApp +380968527580
haturbate software/bot for promoting models streams to the top on the site.

How does it work?
A large number of accounts of colorful members enter the stream on schedule, donate and watch stream like real users,

▫️ The model’s room rises to the 1st page of the site
▫️ Live accounts of members are used for promotion
▫️ Accounts can donate on stream
▫️ Work according to the model’s schedule
▫️ You can promote several models at the same time
▫️ Flexible settings for account actions on stream
▫️ Launches with 1 button press (after setup)
▫️ Support 24/7
▫️ We show how to use software
▫️ Free updates

💵 🔝Your personal boost, you can independently raise any model with GUARANTEE to the TOP with 1 button and earn bigger money every work day, using our software.

1 model = $300 / month + consumables
Unlimited models = $700 / month + consumables
Perpetual license $1900


💸 Payback from one work day of cool model

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