It's a Cam Foxes Christmas, win 10,000 Chaturbate tokens


Hello, I am new to this forum and I really do not want to look like I am spamming but I am trying to get the word out about this years Cam Foxes Christmas Contest. So, please excuse me this time and I will try to become an active forum user going forward. Thank you in advance.

This is my annual way of thanking all the users that come to and make it a success.

It's A Camfoxes Christmas and to celebrate we are giving away 10,000 Chaturbate Tokens!

That's right, 10,000 Tokens for you to use however you want at

This contest, like everything at, is absolutely FREE.

The contest runs from Nov 23, 2023 through Dec 31, 2023.

You can enter the contest once a day.

Every Saturday evening, from Dec 2 through Dec 23, 100 tokens will be given away.

On New Years Eve 3 prizes will be drawn. 1 for 2000 tokens, 1 for 3000 tokens and 1 for 5000 tokens.

Affiliates and Models of Chaturbate are NOT eligible to enter, sorry about that.

To enter go to

It is free to enter.

To win you must have a Chaturbate account. You do NOT have to sign up for Chaturbate through Camfoxes,

So, get on over and enter the contest, you have absolutely nothing to lose and you just might win a whole bunch of tokens to tip the Chaturbate models with.
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