Moving To A New Site - Leaving Loyal Fans


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I was on Chaturbate for a little under a year. I was obsessed with growing my followers ,growing a fan base and social media following. But I just have not made decent income with Chaturbate. I have a few loyal followers that have my social media , such as IG, twitter, snap and discord etc….. I don’t want to just up and leave them , BUT I have to do what I have to do.

I found a few new premium sites that I like and I do very well on those sites financially….

Should I still cam on Chaturbate every once in a while just to let them know I’m still here for them or should I just leave Chaturbate alone and continue to cam where I’m making more money???

I will still reach out to them on social media and they can still do Skype shows with me but I can’t afford to sit online for hours not making money when if I log on to this premium site….I get my bills paid …..


you can always move your members on your new site, or do skype shows if they are trustworthy. no big deal, go wherever it takes in order to be happy with your earnings