Private shows recorded and advertised!


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So last night, I log off mfc after a show. Log on today to work, and get told that after I logged off a member said 'you don't need to pay to take her private, there is videos you can watch for free' and posted links to other members. Followed the links and some guy has uploaded private shows. I have directly messaged him to remove, I have figured out from the dates of the shows who he is on mfc. I know removal is a common problem, and this happens a lot, and I accept that many public shows of mine are out there with regular DMCA removal requests every week. But private shows is just not right and then advertising it after I have gone, just so annoyed and disappointed in how the system works.

Do I have any additional rights when it comes to private shows as its private paid shows he has spyed on and recorded or is it the usual case of you can request it is removed but probably won't?



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in general you have no rights ... with the contract with the camsite all rights to the media goes to the camsite ..

best you can do is to give the information to mfc - the have a great interest to ban this user as this are mainly their earnings - also the have do the DMCA removal and for that they have to know about it.