Streaming on 2 Cam Sites at once, How to make a profitable show out of it?


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Hi :) I have been using Chaturbate for 2-3 months now, I feel like I've got all of Chaturbates quirks down and I've just recently set up my account on Stripchat. I want to use split cam to stream on both platforms at once but I usually run my shows based on goals, and when they are reached, and I also offer privates. I'm just wondering how I can possibly stream on both platforms when one cam site might reach a goal faster than the other, and one site a client may want to take me private.. how would I navigate if at all? Is there a way to run a show on both cam sites successfully?


Jr. Member
when you use OBS studio for your broadcast you can install a plug in to stream to multiple sites. google: OBS and multiple outputs.