Working having a child at home


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So, I work on webcam but I have a 4 year old daughter that lives with me. Of course I don't want to expose her to my job, I will explain when she's older but she's young and I don't want her seeing or hearing me working, of course.

My partner lives with me too and is supportive of what I do.

Usually I worked from a room I rented , but now the country is on lockdown and I'm forced to work from home.

I have been trying to work at night when my daughter is asleep, and that worked well for a while. Problem is, I'm starting to feel the effects of exhaustion. I started sleeping during the day, and that worsened my depression. I also cannot sleep very well, just a few hours here and there.

I started basically passing out during work hours at night (thank god I don't do live cam sites, only skype shows so nobody saw me passing out lol) and I lost many clients because of that. I can't work during daytime because or flat is small and the walls are thin, you hear everything.

Maybe this is more like a rant because I don't see any solution to this, but if anybody has ideas, please I'll take all the advice you can give, also if you struggle with a similar situation please share.
Thank you


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Ask your partner to stay with your daughter during the day in those working hours? Keep the tv on in the room she is in and your music on while you work.

You could always explain your clients that you're living with someone so you cannot yell or make loud sounds.

I live with someone too (not a child) even though they know what i do i make it work.