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    same model, different chats for different localization

    the question arose because there is a user on the Italian localization (and, I think, on other "Latin" locales, but I am waiting for bonga's answer) who keeps trolling the model, but in practice only she and I see the messages of the troll, while all the other (hundreds) "Russian" users...
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    How is BongaCams ?

    A friend of mine made the profile page on Bonga for me but as far as I understand the custom are can be filled by using the HTML tags similar to allowed on CB
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    Weird privates

    I got 18 years of camming but ill never forget this private i had like 12 years ago on camcontacts . a guy came to the room, my price was 1.99 per min , so he asked me to chance price to put maximum.. was as i remember 10$ a minute . then he said im busy working, do all the things u wanna do , i...
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    Change of rates?

    You should have a goal to strive for. Set the minimum limit on how much you wish to earn per day/week/month. The sum that you think is worth your efforts. Don't go cheap, appreciate yourself! Compare to your current earnings if you not getting that money then raise your rates.
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    Room moderators

    Yes. many threads on the topic here (try the search feature ;) ) as many confuse the words "moderator" and "manager". The "best" mod imo would be the one who knows you well, a regular honest tipper from a long time, who never asked you to be mod and doesn't flood your chat (a not very chatty...
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    Is this genuine traffic? I think not..

    This is what I'm talking about alexa rankings being not an actual reflection of how successful a site is...
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    BongaCams disabled my account without explaining to me why

    Hello,linda! Thank you for reaching out. Could you please contact us in direct messages on the forum and provide your username on the site? We will check all the information and definitely help you with this concern. Thank you.
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    Hello, HotBun! Thank you for reaching out. We kindly ask you to contact our online support team in regards to this question. We will check all the appropriate information and help you in no time!
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    Feeling resentful and upset about my Indie camming efforts.

    I'm feeling sort of bummed about my efforts for indie clients. I market myself well and am doing extremely well fiscally, but I'm never able to go on Streamate because of the amount of time these guys take away from me. They ask dumb questions about what I do in my shows, when it's clearly...
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    Do you guys mind if I ask?

    How much do you normally make on chaturbate /pay period, and how often are you on to earn that?
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    Chaturbate new direct deposit option

    Ok so has anyone gotten their payment with chaturbates new direct deposit option. Was it on time? I just changed from payoneer to using direct deposit directly to my bank to avoid fees and I'm wondering if you got payment as quick as using payoneer. Thank You.
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    Dealing with insults

    At one point or another I think it is safe to say the infamous insult seeps into the chat room dispersing poison everywhere. When I first began camming, it bothered me. Not so much anymore. Because I have practiced scenarios before I get on cam, I do believe it has helped me conquer this...
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    Hey peeps. So I cam mostly at streamate these days. Tried using the encoder to record but it only seems to be able to save in an fv4 file? which ive had no luck opening or viewing. who records their cam shows, how and/or what software do you use?
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    I hate it when.....(the life of a cam model)

    Feel free to release all your "I hate it when....." rants!! I have sooo many but these are just a few: 1) I hate it when a guy tips me(makes my goal plus more)to do c2c,skype show,etc. then my laptop dies, screen freezes or just a freakin' mishap to have him think "dis chick just took my $ &...
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    Moving Into A new Place As A Full Time Model

    I'm having to move out of my current living situation and I was wondering if there any of you out there that are full time models as well? If there are, have you ever moved into a new place while doing this job? How did you go about it, what did you say to the landlord/roommates you were moving...