Adultwork Specials aaaggrrrrhhh!


Does anyone here offer Directcam specials at AdultWork? Those where you offer a fixed length show but at a reduced cost to the punter gets a cheaper rate and the model then gets a guaranteed length of show.
Is it just me or is this bloody feature flawed? Fixed length shows could be useful for me but anytime I've tried I have come out short changed and then I get pissed off and give up on them. The problem is punters can exit the show without fulfilling the agreed length and only get charged the reduced fee rather than the normal £/min rate. I contacted AW support about this but they thought I was talking out of my ass despite me showing proof. Anyone else come across this or am I just being stoopid?


Jr. Member
Yessssss, i have noticed that same thing. Youre not stupid, its not just you, its happening to everyone. Support never admits to shit so dont let them convince you its all in your mind.