Any mums on here? Need advice!!


So my son is 10 years old and obviously has no clue what I do. I cam often and I'm also on a pornsite. I would love to be able to maximise my earnings by uploading more movies onto the porn site however, I don't know if I should, is it my responsibility to stay as anonymous as I can or not let this hold me back and raise my child to not judge or listen to others negatively. Oh I don't know! Anyone else got kids? How do you plan to deal with these things? Help meeeeee


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I'm a mother and I make videos and cam, I wear wigs for shows and videos, and my videos are not hard core and always alone, this somehow makes me feel more like an artist than a sex worker and I don't see anything wrong with it . I don't have much time for cam shows, which is why I started making videos. No one can judge me in the future because I do not do anything illegal and don't hurt any person, not even my daughter, since I do everything for her and me ,and the life she has is thanks to this work, in which I can spend time with her and pay for her needs.The most important for me It is trying to be a good mother and give a lot of love to my child, but if you feel that this work could embarrass your child in the future, maybe it would be better to look for something different since the shows can be recorded and distributed.
Hot moms turn me on very much. I think this cannot affect sexuality in any way, but on the contrary, it'll only intensify it. I watch videos like this a lot. Recently found a free adult sex tube, and there are a lot of hot and explicit videos out there. I'm glad that such content I can found in the public domain and free.
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