URGENT safety legal concern!


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Hi everyone,

among other things, I have maintained a NiteFlirt account for many years. With the pandemic, I reactivated all my accounts. Even though that one is only phone, I have had a customer spend a lot of money talking to me the last few days.

But, the things he is talking about are definitely illegal… Under age, forced etc. I have no idea if this guy is for real or fantasy, but… It’s obviously disturbing. I can’t even find a phone number for NiteFlirt to see what the legalities are.

It’s possible this guy is really doing these things and wants validation about them or something.


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Idk how NiteFlirt works, if you can see his number you should report this person. Or if you can't, contact NiteFlirt support. It doesn't sound right and I personally wouldn't want anything to do with a potential pedo no matter how much he spends .