The best on-cam orgasm


Jr. Member
The best on-cam orgasm, for me, was thanks to lovense.
It was getting late and I had been on cam for hours. probably 5 or 6 by this time. A viewer I hadn't seen in a long time (i am not usually on his hours of availability) came into my room and per usual we started chatting it up. He hadn't seen me with the domi before (I had just purchased the domi, the hyphy, and the hush). He also noticed that I was using the hush as well. I can't recall, but he made a funny comment regarding me using the hush - something like "I bet you can't hush in a minute," and started tipping for my keno game. As I was already basically stuffed with the lush and the hush, there was really not much else I could do but continue with the domi. Then it hit me. I still have the hyphy and I should be utilizing all 4 of them to really increase my tips. As I went to grab the hyphy, the domi slipped and landed with the head touching up against the hush. I nearly came unglued IMMEDIATELY. My viewers caught my reaction and the room went nuts. Tip after Tip. So, the domi stayed rested against the hush and the hush is pressed up against the wall touching the lush. all three of these going off and touching each other was making it so intense so quickly I thought I might pass out for a second. But I did not. Bravely, I touched the hyphy to my freshly lubed clit against my piercing and that was all she wrote. That night others in my home actually checked to make sure I was ok with the scream or excessively loud moan that escaped my lips. I was flushed. I was sweaty. My bedroom loveseat where I sat that night looked like I dropped a full cup of water on it. My broadcast hasn't been the same since, however, as I have not been able to recreate that orgasm. My teeth chattered!! My toes curled to the point my right foot cramped. I became so congested I couldn't breathe (yes it happens to me a lot) and my voice... well I sounded like Minnie Mouse for about 15 minutes.