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    How to sell your underwear

    (H)Hi, I got requests for selling my dirty underwear. I’m just wondering how to ship anonymous without huge commissions. I am in Europe so I’m looking for international shipping in EU at least. Do anyone of you know how to do this? Thank you and have a nice evening (H)
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    Our webcam industry and the corona virus...

    Hi everyone, Do you suspect the cam industry will be negatively affected by the corona virus? Not us- because we are behind the screen. But our customers, who may be put out of work, or any other scenario that would have men spending less on we, cam girls.
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    How Do You Deal With Performance Apathy?

    So I started out camming and did fine doing it full time; however for the past 2 years(ive been camming for abo 4) I've been doing adult film and 1. it completely made my schedule unpredictable because I never knew when I would get a call and 2. Because I wasnt maintaining the same schedule as...
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    Ever changed performer name? Wanted to? Inspiration behind your current name?

    Ever had a change of name? What was old one? Do you have multiple names / personas? Maybe a devil and angel in you? Always had the same name from the beginning? Why that name? Wanted to change name but too well known to do so? What would you change to if you had to?
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    whats your experience with pornhub?

    im considering posting my content for free on pornhub. Does any of you have any experience with this? is it worth it in terms of revenue?
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    Chaturbate help

    Hi guys, Hi girls, how come on Chaturbate so many old men, with a bad dick they have so many visitors ??? How do I increase them?
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    URGENT safety legal concern!

    Hi everyone, among other things, I have maintained a NiteFlirt account for many years. With the pandemic, I reactivated all my accounts. Even though that one is only phone, I have had a customer spend a lot of money talking to me the last few days. But, the things he is talking about are...
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    Just how how big is a whale?

    I've been camming for about 8 years and had only heard of the term 'whale' several weeks ago. Every so often on Chaturbate I may get a single tip in the region of 1500 tokens or more often guys who have maybe tipped 2000-3000 thoughout a session. I have also had some guys who will spend £100 on...
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    Private shows recorded and advertised!

    So last night, I log off mfc after a show. Log on today to work, and get told that after I logged off a member said 'you don't need to pay to take her private, there is videos you can watch for free' and posted links to other members. Followed the links and some guy has uploaded private shows. I...
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    Working having a child at home

    So, I work on webcam but I have a 4 year old daughter that lives with me. Of course I don't want to expose her to my job, I will explain when she's older but she's young and I don't want her seeing or hearing me working, of course. My partner lives with me too and is supportive of what I do...
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    Canadian Camgirls

    I'm wondering if any other Canadian camgirls can assist in answering some questions regardinG Payment methods, and if anyone else has questions that are unique to camming here in Canada, please feel free to hijack this forum topic as well. I have a cross-border bank account, with a US location...